Family craftsman winery of Árpád Balog
„where the natural wines borns”

The river Tisza and the closness of the nature enchant the visitors as happened with me, in the heart of south lowland at the Csongrád wine region. The uncountable smaller-larger gardens and nice hobby houses which are evoking of the glorious past, enthusiastic fairy tails of the olds about resent past, show me how beautiful cultivated grape gardens were everywhere. Unfortunately, there are less and less grape plants nowdays.

Border of Csongrád and Bokros, Kadarka, Kövidinka and Arany Sárfehér were the determinate type of grapes. As they were cultivated by low crown, these grape plants nearly all gone. There are only few left at dedicated farmer’s garden. World types and fashionable fecund breedings appeared.

I bought this about 4ha grape land from 2012, mainly at the Border of Csongrád and Bokros. There are lot of abandoned land at this region, for tis reason, the nicely cultivated garden shows strong contrast in the landscape which is more ten years got wild. Our types at the moment: Kékfrankos, Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc, Kadarka, Zöldveltelíni, Kövidinka, Pölöskei Muskotály and a few Bakator.

The main motivation at our winery is the love of wine. During cultivation of grapevine and production of wine is really important to honor nature and preserve our tradition in every workflow. The olds wise observation means more than any description of technologie for us. We cultivate the grapes in traditional way, chemical treatment is confined to minimum and only use the basic compound occuring in the nature (sulfor, copper). We work with strong yield restriction (minimum 0,5kg/grapevine – maximum 2kg/grapevine), do not use herbicede at all, keep wine row and spaces clean by hand and machine work. We start harvest at full maturation, in consonance of historical harvest dates. As we do everyting to produce high quality grapes, we could say, that the wine nearly make itself. We don’t have anything to do, just leave nature make its job and care not to ruin it. The white wine, rose and siller are fermented and matured in oak barrels. The red wine is fermented in tank on skin (30, 50 or 70 days), than the wine is pumped out, without any pressing to oak barrels and aging period starts. Important, that we do not use wine press only special roller and the point is in it that we get as much liquid from the berries only as come itself without pressing. Excipient and additive are not included during wine making, only one we use is sulfor which could be found in the nature. Try to keep our wines on low-sulfor or even sulfor free (wines made in 2013 are fully sulfor free).

Our wines:
2012 Kékfrankos red wine
2013 Rose Kékfrankos, Rose Zweigelt, Siller Kékfrankos, Siller Zweigelt, Kékfrankos red wine, Zweigelt red wine, Kékfrankos Zweigelt cuvée
2014 Rose Kékfrankos, Rose Cabernet Franc, Kékfrankos red wine, Zweigelt red wine, Cabernet Franc red wine

The grapes are processed and kept in Hódmezővásárhely, in a typical region-cellar room which is in a 150 years old adobe house. In the same place, we furnish a wine tasting room which is suitable for bigger group of friends. You and your friends are welcome for wine tasting.

Kind regards,
Balog Árpád

Balog Árpád Handmade Family Wine Manufacture
Hódmezővásárhely Zrínyi street 95.
tel: 30/6480049