Family craftsman winery of Árpád Balog

„where the natural wine borns”

The defining characteristic of the winery is that we carry out our activities in a manner that respects the order of nature and the traditions of wine-growing and wine-making. Our goal, value creation, on vineyard with a long history.

The main values of the winery:

1, Natural wine making with traditional technology. It is important that the wines are without additives, excipients and free of sulfur-free. The grape is also cultivated in the spirit of naturalness. Conventionally cultivated with the complete exclusion of vine herbicides, fertilizers and other absorbents. We use only naturally occurring base compounds, contact agents, which do not enter the plant's fluid circulation (rain washes off)

2, KÖVIDINKA, as a local old Hungarian variety whose traditional cultivation produces excellent wine. The wine made from this grape variety was popular in the old days and its distinctive taste makes it appealing to everyone. Unfortunately, wine from large-scale cultivation has hurt the variety a lot, but the wine produced in traditional cultivation offers to wine lovers an unrivaled experience. Because it is only found in our region, there is great potential for this breed.

3, We offer wine in a traditional farmhouse, typical of the region and follow the old traditions in the making. The methods we use are old applications, nothing new, it is a kind of value creation with value preservation.


At the borders of Csongrád and Bokros, the Kadarka, the Kövidinka and the Sárfehér („Golden mud”) were the dominant grape varieties. Because they were low-head cultivated, these grapes almost disappeared, remaining only few at some determined farmers. World varieties and abundant fashionable breeds appeared.

I bought the vineyard area of about 11 hectares from 2012, mainly on the border of Csongrad and Bokros. At present, there are many abandoned areas in this region, which is why the beautifully cultivated vineyard shows strong contrast in landscape, which has been wild for decades. Our current breeds are: Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch), Zweigelt, Cabernet Franc, Kadarka, Kövidinka, Pölöskei Muscat.

The main motivation in our winery is the love of wine. During cultivating grapes and making wine, it is very important that we respect the nature and preserve traditions in every work process. To us, the wise observation of the ancients means more than many technological descriptions.

The grapes are cultivated in a conventional manner, the use of chemicals is minimized and only naturally occurring basic compounds (sulfur, copper) are used.

We work with a yield restriction (minimum 0.5 kg / trunk - maximum 1.5 kg / trunk), no herbicide at all, manual and mechanical cleaning of grape rows and row space.

The harvest begins with the full ripening of the grape, in harmony with the historic harvest dates. Since we do our best to produce high quality grapes, we can say that after that, the wine is almost made by itself, we have no other business than to let nature do its job and take care not to spoil it.

The white wine, rosé and siller are fermented and aged in oak barrels. The red wine is fermented in a tub (50, 60 or 70 days) and matured in oak barrels.

It is important that we do not use a press only special roller and the point is in it that we get as much liquid from the berries only as come out itself without pressing.

During wine making, no additives or excipients added to the wine. Our wines are sulfur free.

We process the grapes in Hódmezővásárhely and store the wine here, in a cellar room typical of the region, which was created in a 150-year-old adobe house. In the same place, we have a wine tasting place.

NEW! We have a cellar in Szeged, at Egyetem street, where we can have wine tasting for even 30-40 people.

Kind regards,
Balog Árpád

Balog Árpád Handmade Family Wine Manufacture
Hódmezővásárhely Zrínyi street 95.
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